Seeing Eye to Eye


Recent watercolors

by Alexis Lavine, NWS


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Alexis Lavine describes her work as Contemporary Realism.  She paints exclusively with watercolor and believes very strongly in the importance of thoughtful design, strong foundational drawing, personal color, and unique expression in her art.  Her paintings are filled with dazzling light, rich shadows, and beautiful shapes.  With meticulous attention to composition, she crafts paintings that are expressive, realistic, and yet abstract, often employing unusual viewpoints or subjects. 

Honored as one of Watercolor Artist Magazine’s “Ones to Watch,” Alexis is a signature member of a number of watercolor societies, most notably The National Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA Honor Society, and Transparent Watercolor Society of America. She exhibits her work in galleries from the Mid-Atlantic south to the Virgin Islands and has paintings in private and business collections throughout the country as well as overseas.  Her paintings have recently been exhibited in juried exhibitions across the country, including The American and National Watercolor Societies, Watercolor USA, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolor West, and Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors.

Alexis has been teaching painting and drawing workshops and classes for over twenty years.  She leads her students with energy, enthusiasm, encouragement, humility, and lots of valuable instruction.  This year she has transitioned all of her teaching to Zoom, which has turned out to be a superb platform for her teaching! Her studio for painting, and zooming, is in Greensboro, North Carolina, and she is thrilled to be connecting with people from all over the country ... and beyond!